The Match Box

Thu 14 Jun to Sat 21 Jul 2012



Leanne Best - Sal

Leanne Best



Writer Frank McGuinness

Director Lia Williams

Designer Colin Richmond

Lighting Designer Charlie Lucas

Sound & Composition Giles Perring

Recorded Voices Esme Herbert & Melanie Pappenheim

Costume Supervisor Jacquie Davies


The Match Box

“so brutally powerful that it knocks the breath from your body”
The Times

The Match Box

“McGuinness has conceived a compelling, tragic heroine”
The Guardian

The Match Box

“This is the kind of rare performance that keeps on giving, and it’s not one to be missed”
The Matchbox

The Match Box

"It’s rare to find storytelling as sharply and simply involving as this, or to encounter quite such meaty ideas about the place of morality in secular times, or to behold a performance so intricate, measured and powerful."
The Telegraph