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Me & ROBIN HOOD // reviews

Shôn Dale-Jones in Me & ROBIN HOOD. Photo: Rich Rusk

★★★★★“With so little needed to say so much, there is no doubt that Shon Dale-Jones is one of the best living storytellers in the world today.”
The Outlier  

★★★★ "He has captured, brilliantly, the moment at which the gap between rich and the poor starts to widen in post-war Britain... "
The Scotsman

★★★★ "A gifted storyteller with a palpably important story.”
Three Weeks

★★★★"What is most impressive is the delicate writing of the piece that constantly plays with the lines between what is right and wrong; whether this is discussing the radical Robin Hood, the possession of money or the sides of the political spectrum. I felt compelled to question my responses to the fortunes that one may receive in life...."
Ed Fringe Review

"Shôn Dale-Jones delivers a thoughtful piece about inequality, myths and taking control of your own story...
The Guardian 

Shôn Dale-Jones in Me & ROBIN HOOD. Photo: Rich Rusk

"Dale-Jones is a hugely warm and appealing figure, and an hour listening to him spin a yarn is time (and, yes, money) well spent."
What’s On Stage

“A consummate and controlled storyteller… Performed on a bare stage, this is theatre at its most minimal, but the gesture is far larger.”
The Stage

“Dale-Jones’ storytelling is powerful – one need only look at the critical reaction to The Duke to see why.”
Theatre Bubble

“Dale-Jones is a magnetic storyteller, with a stand-up’s audience rapport and a knack for seeming totally heartfelt even when telling a story that’s manifestly fabricated."

"Entertaining and thought-provoking.”
British Theatre Guide

Me & ROBIN HOOD is at the Everyman, Thu 2 Nov to Sat 4 Nov 2017.