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Me & Robin Hood // reviews

"With so little needed to say so much, there is no doubt that Shon Dale-Jones is one of the best living storytellers in the world today." The Outlier

"He has captured, brilliantly, the moment at which the gap between rich and the poor starts to widen in post-war Britain... " The Scotsman

"A gifted storyteller with a palpably important story.” Three Weeks

"What is most impressive is the delicate writing of the piece that constantly plays with the lines between what is right and wrong" Ed Fringe Review

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Me & ROBIN HOOD // reviews

"Mixing self-effacing charm and his trademark dalliance with fact and fantasy, Dale-Jones slyly reveals the fiction we all live our lives by.”
The Stage

Press // Me & ROBIN HOOD

"He is so brilliant in terms of the way he changes pace and tone. And he sticks with the story, allows it to lead him, even though it’s hard to figure out where it begins and ends, and it’s always looping in time."

Historian and novelist Rebecca Stott, talking to The New York Times about Shôn Dale-Jones
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