The Everyman Company

Company 18 is a marriage of old and new plays, familiar and not so familiar faces.

We’ve got a fresh take on an old musical about the new world...

A classic play set in the future about bigotry and passion as old as time itself...

The same (new and old) 14 actors create the whole season. Two directors (neither old but not exactly new either) direct two shows each.

Last year was an extraordinary adventure into new territory - we’ve borrowed all we learnt from our award-winning first Company season and tried to do it even better. We’re loading up our wagons again with just as much vigour and excitement. There’s joy in them there hills and we hope you’ll join us as we set forth towards the blue sky on the horizon.

Yee Haw!

Gemma Bodinetz           Nick Bagnall
Artistic Director                Associate Director

A visceral play borrowed from a film that borrowed from a book of a dystopian view of a new world...

And, to cap it all off, there's a mighty new adaptation of an old play set largely in the past but also in the present...

#EvCompany awards

Best Director
UK Theatre Award

Gemma Bodinetz for artistic directorship of the Everyman Company 2017

Peter Brook/Equity Ensemble Award

For the Everyman Company 2017