The Accidental Leader

Fri 8 Jun to Sat 9 Jun 2018

Ev1 [Everyman]


A kick in the ballots.

As an influential backbencher, Jim plans to oust his party leader. The party have had just enough of their leader who, with his strange interest in manhole covers and love of his allotment, has become a laughing stock.

Jim and his party are staging a coup to get rid of their leader once and for all. But what’s in it for Jim?

The Accidental Leader is a one act play by Alistair Beaton (Spitting Image, Not the Nine O’clock News). Originally produced for A View from Islington North festival 2016, Beaton’s play is a hilarious commentary on the state of British politics today.


Part of the YEP Directors’ Festival 2018


By Alistair Beaton

Director Luke Warnick