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Paint Your Wagon sitzprobe

Sitzprobe is the German term used in musical theatre to describe the first rehearsal when the actors sing together with the band. Literally translating to “seated rehearsal”, it’s an exciting occasion in terms of piecing the show together.

Emily Hughes singing What's Goin' on Here?

Paint Your Wagon Musical Director and Orchestrator George Francis said: “In a lot of big musicals, calls are staggered. Acting will work in one room and music in the other, sometimes for weeks before they come together. We’re the opposite.”

The Company singing Whoop-Ti-Ay

While The Company have spent many weeks rehearsing the songs with George on keys, the Sitzprobe is the first time they sang with our band of five.

Patrick Brennan singing Wand'rin' Star

You can find out more about the band here: George Francis (Musical Director and keys), Rosalind Jones (Associate Musical Director), Katie Foster (Violin), Matthew Heery (Guitar and Banjo), Alex Smith (Double Bass) and Nick Anderson (Drums and Percussion).

Director Gemma Bodinetz said: “It feels like a very symbiotic process … I’ve directed musicals before, but I would never now do a director in one room, choreographer in another. There’s such an additionality when we’re all on it.”

Paint Your Wagon is at the Everyman, Sat 3 Mar to Sat 14 Jul 2018