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Meet The Company 2018

Having won two major awards for the inaugural year of our ‘rep’ company model, we’re delighted to announce the actors who’ll be a part of The Everyman Company 2018.

Returning from last year are Richard Bremmer, Patrick Brennan, George Caple, Zelina Rebeiro, Keddy Sutton, Liam Tobin and Emily Hughes.

Joining them are Liverpool actors Emma Bispham, Nathan McMullen and Paul Duckworth, together with Golda RosheuvelMarc Elliott and Cerith Flinn.

Nadia Anim will be the new Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP) Acting Trainee, as we continue to develop the theatre-makers of the future.

The award-winning Everyman Company, which won the 2017 Peter Brook/Equity Ensemble award, is set to explore ‘brave new worlds’ through Paint Your Wagon, A Clockwork Orange, Othello and The Big I Am.

Paint Your Wagon [Everyman Company], Sat 3 Mar to Sat 14 Jul.
Paint Your Wagon [Everyman Company], Sat 3 Mar to Sat 14 Jul.

Director Gemma Bodinetz, winner of the UK Theatre Best Director award 2017 and the creative team behind 2017’s whirlwind production Fiddler on the Roof, reunite to create another uniquely Everyman musical experience with Paint Your Wagon.

Written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe (My Fair Lady), Paint Your Wagon originally premiered on Broadway in 1951 and has not featured as a major production in the UK since 1996. Set in prospecting-era America, the production includes hit songs Wand’rin Star, I Talk to the Trees and I’m on my Way. This latest Everyman musical is a diamond in the rough ready to open the Company 2018 season.

A Clockwork Orange [Everyman Company], Sat 14 Apr to Thu 12 Jul.
A Clockwork Orange [Everyman Company], Sat 14 Apr to Thu 12 Jul.

Associate director Nick Bagnall will direct Anthony Burgess’s dystopian classic A Clockwork Orange. Described as a ‘nasty little shocker’ by Time Magazine following its release, the production will stay true to Burgess’s novel, with the iconic and anarchic protagonist Alex serving as a reminder that new worlds are not always a good thing.

Othello [Everyman Company] Sat 28 Apr to Tue 10 Jul.
Othello [Everyman Company] Sat 28 Apr to Tue 10 Jul.

Gemma Bodinetz’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s Othello will feature Golda Rosheuvel playing the title role as ideas of gender, race, sexuality and hierarchy are challenged in a man’s world. Audiences are invited into the not too distant future, a world of patriarchy, power, hatred and bigotry in a modern take on this classic Shakespearian tragedy.

The Big I Am [Everyman Company] Sat 16 Jun to Sat 14 Jul.
The Big I Am [Everyman Company] Sat 16 Jun to Sat 14 Jul.

Liverpool playwright Robert Farquhar’s re-imagining of Henrik Ibsen’s classic tale Peer Gynt completes the season, as Nick Bagnall directs The Big I Am. A time-travelling, city-hopping voyage with an enigmatic storyteller, The Big I Am takes us on a journey from wartime Britain to the ends of the earth as we follow Peer Gynt on a search for freedom.

Gemma Bodinetz, our Artistic Director said: “Company 18 is a marriage of old and new plays, familiar faces and not so familiar faces. Last year was an extraordinary adventure into new territory – we’ve borrowed all we learnt from our first and award-winning Company season and tried to do it even better. We’re loading up our wagons again with just as much vigour and excitement.”

Tickets are on sale now

Access to theatre for all remains an important aspect of our work and there are a variety of prices available across the season, with tickets priced at £10 – or just £5 for young people – at all performances.

Once again, there is the opportunity to see multiple productions through subscription packages which include seeing all four plays for just £28. All productions will have Captioned and Audio Described performances, with a Relaxed performance of Paint Your Wagon. To support the visits of those attending with Access needs, we’ve increased the discount and continue to offer a companion seat where additional support is required.

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