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Rita, Sue and Bob Too // In the bar

Oh it wa brilliant, really funny.


Loved it.

Brilliant, absolutely... goosebumps.

There's so much humour in it but yet you're telling a really gritty real story.

Stunned. I'm still stunned.

Good night out. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Outstanding, brilliant. Loved it. I reacted a lot more to the show than I thought I was going to do.

The whole row was just in giggles more or less, apart from when it got really dark!

I enjoyed every minute of it. A really  great show. If you watch the film you'll love the theatre version, like absolutely.



The music was brilliant.

Oh I laughed... A bit shocked.

It was really well done, from start to finish.

I'd come and watch it again.

Yeah it was fantastic.


Rita, Sue and Bob Too is at the Playhouse, Tue 10 Oct to Sat 14 Oct 2017