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Man to Man // Andrzej Goulding on projection design

So there was no prep for Man to Man at all really, it was just get to Cardiff and we kind of made it in the space. That was something that I'd never really done before because usually there is a lot of pre-production.

The biggest change for me was just adapting the video to a different sized set. From the original show, we had, you know there's a certain size of the wall and the floor that I was mapping the video to. I had to rework all of them as a smaller size and basically just remake everything again.

My favourite moment of the play... it's probably the ice wall. Maggie blows on the window and it just erupts from there and just everything working together as one thing is my favourite bit I think.

Man to Man is at the Everyman, Wednesday 25 October to Saturday 28 October