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Gabriel // Behind the scenes with Robin Morrissey

Hello, could you please tell us who you are and what you do in the play?
I'm Robin Morrissey and I'm playing Gabriel in Gabriel!

And what are you doing at the moment in rehearsals?
So, we're in our last day right now. And we're in the afternoon of our last day. So, we've got about four hours left til we leave the rehearsal room which is pretty scary and exciting and we're just about to do our last run. Everybody's getting in costume for the first time. And yeah, people are kind of milling around, getting their props in the right places and getting a bit excited about their costumes.

And what's going through your head just before your final run?
Well, I suppose the tech isn't really for the actors as much as it is for the technical side of it. So, this is the last chance we have to discover and play and all that kind of stuff and be in this intimate environment. I suppose I'm just going to use it as a means of doing that really. And keeping with the other actors and seeing if we can find anything new before we go into the main space.

Well fantastic! All the best and good luck.

Gabriel is at the Playhouse, Tue 4 Apr to Sat 8 Apr.