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The Environmentalists: Walking Buses

Before each performance of YEP's The Environmentalists, we'll be walking to the Everyman along a different set route.

walking buses

Feel free to join our walking buses at the following stops...

Wed 2 Mar - 6pm

Meet at Epsom Street Playcentre, Goodwood Street
Walking to the Everyman via Limekiln Lane, Scotland Road, Hunter Street, Norton Street, Seymour Street, Russell Street, Clarence Street, Mount Pleasant & Hope Street

Thu 3 Mar - 6pm

Meet at Unity Youth & Community Centre, 49 Dove Street
Walking to the Everyman via Beaumont Street, Kingsley Road, Crown Street, Myrtle Street & Hope Street

Fri 4 Mar - 6pm

Meet at Café Oro on Smithdown Road (at junction with Blantyre Road)
Walking to the Everyman via Gainsborough Road, Lawrence Road, Earle Road, Crown Street Public Open Space, Myrtle Street, Hardman Street & Hope Street

Sat 5 Mar - 6pm

Meet at Greendays Café on Lark Lane/Little Parkfield Road Ivanhoe Road
Walking to the Everyman via Parkfield Road, Ullet Road, Enter Princes Park opposite Garage, Exit Princes Park at sun gates, Princes Road, Catharine Street, Myrtle Street & Hope Street