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YEP Communicator Victoria Graham on the Shoe Box Project

YEP_The Environmentalists

The Environmentalists is fast approaching!

The concept for this year's YEP show is to wake up to global warming but, in classic YEP style, it has a quirky and artistic twist. Over the next couple of weeks you may see some shoe box installations popping up around Liverpool in independent businesses, illustrating the themes of the show in many different ways.

So what is the shoe box project all about?

The project will see 15 shoe boxes, made by the creative team of The Environmentalists, using only recycled objects fom around the city. The boxes will be displayed from Mon 15 Feb and will change locations daily. If you see one, please interact! Share your experience via social media and become a part of promoting action against and awareness of global warming. 

YEP The Environmentalists Shoe Box
An example of the shoe box installations that will be around the city

"The shoe box project is designed to make the public think and be mindful of their everyday actions and how this impacts upon the environment. The designs vary from deforestation to animals in captivity. The boxes are there to demonstrate that we can't ignore these issues because the consequences are inevitable. I hope they prove to be inspiring and enjoyable for everyone that encounters them." Sian, YEP Producer

Carbon Neutral

We’re hoping to make The Environmentalists the first ever carbon neutral show! Due to the show’s ground-breaking and innovative approach to environmentally aware theatre, it needs the not so ordinary promotion. So, rather than seeing huge posters plastered around the streets of Liverpool, we've chosen the shoe box project as an environmentally friendly and alternative way to get a glimpse into the concept of the show.

YEP The Environmentalists Shoe Box
An example of the shoe box installations that will be around the city

"The Environmentalists is very relevant today because the show tackles people's opinions on the environment as well as theatre's approach to environmental issues. It is very easy to ignore what is happening to the planet as we don't feel the results of our current actions are imminent. Our shoebox project aims to encourage the public and local businesses in Liverpool to think about their daily activities and what effect these activities are having on the environment." Michelle Grant, Producer of The Environmentalists

The shoe box project is a way for the environment to become a visible part of everyday life through the presence of an artistic creation with a meaning (the biggest meaning of all) our whole world. 

Share your pictures of the shoe box installations @YoungEveryPlay #TheEnvironmentalists