When We Are Married

Tue 22 Nov to Sat 26 Nov 2016


£28 - £9.50

Cleckleywyke, a town in the West Riding, 1908.
The Helliwells, the Parkers and the Soppitts are highly respected pillars of their community … but not for much longer.

Married on the same day in the same chapel, they gather to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The celebrations are short lived when they discover the vicar wasn’t licensed and they are actually not married. In fact, they have been living in sin for 25 years.

Watch with mounting glee as the pandemonium switches from horrified social embarrassment to the realisation that they are free from the shackles of long tedious marriages. Home truths are dealt, bullies get their retribution and the hen-pecked are hilariously and most satisfyingly liberated.

J B Priestley’s heartily entertaining northern comedy plays right into the hands of the remarkable Northern Broadsides – a company celebrated by audiences for its charisma, vitality and relish of language.


Luke Adamson - Gerald

Luke Adamson


Kate Anthony - Clara Soppitt

Kate Anthony

Clara Soppitt

Matt Booth - Dyson

Matt Booth


Sue Devaney - Annie Parker

Sue Devaney

Annie Parker

Geraldine Fitzgerald - Maria Helliwell

Geraldine Fitzgerald

Maria Helliwell

John Gully - Rev Mercer

John Gully

Rev Mercer

Andy Hall - Mayor

Andy Hall


Sophia Hatfield - Nancy

Sophia Hatfield


Adrian Hood - Parker

Adrian Hood


Lisa Howard - Mrs Northrop

Lisa Howard

Mrs Northrop

Steve Huison - Soppitt

Steve Huison


Zoe Lambert - Lottie

Zoe Lambert


Kat Rose-Martin - Ruby

Kat Rose-Martin


Barrie Rutter - Henry Ormonroyd

Barrie Rutter

Henry Ormonroyd

Mark Stratton - Helliwell

Mark Stratton



Director Barrie Rutter

Designer Jessica Worrall