The Way I See It

Fri 20 Jul to Tue 24 Jul 2018



What would you say to you if you saw you in the street?

Would you judge yourself so harshly? What about the man sat on the bus that keeps on looking over? What’s he thinking about? Is it about you? Can he smell you? Does he know you didn’t brush your teeth this morning? Or is he, just like yourself, worried whether you’re judging him? 


Young Everyman Playhouse Producers present this new piece of writing by George Miaris

A show that takes the seemingly dull narratives of the knaves all around us and pushes them into the spotlight. Giving a microphone to the kid you see on his BMX, the mother who’s breaking her neck and the lovely lady you always meet in the charity shop. Exploring community, loneliness and the poetics in every day. The Way I See It fuses spoken word with audio visual artistry from Dee Dixon and vocals from Liverpool based musician Beija Flo in a layered form of storytelling.

It’ll make you want to say hello to your neighbour. You might even have a chat, who knows, a joke? They could become your friend.

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