The Rivals

Wed 5 Oct to Sat 29 Oct 2016


£28 - £9.50*


Desmond Barrit  - Sir Anthony Absolute

Desmond Barrit

Sir Anthony Absolute

Nicholas Bishop - Faulkland

Nicholas Bishop


Lucy Briggs-Owen - Lydia Languish

Lucy Briggs-Owen

Lydia Languish

Lily Donovan  - Lucy

Lily Donovan


Keith Dunphy - Sir Lucius O’Trigger

Keith Dunphy

Sir Lucius O’Trigger

Henry Everett - David

Henry Everett


Jessica Hardwick - Julia Melville

Jessica Hardwick

Julia Melville

Julie Legrand - Mrs Malaprop

Julie Legrand

Mrs Malaprop

Lee Mengo  - Bob Acres

Lee Mengo

Bob Acres

Shaun Miller - Fag

Shaun Miller


Rhys Rusbatch - Captain Jack Absolute

Rhys Rusbatch

Captain Jack Absolute


Richard Brinsley Sheridan Writer

Dominic Hill Director

Tom Rogers Designer

Howard Hudson Lighting Designer

Dan Jones Composer

Jennie Falconer Costume Supervisor

Ed Madden Assistant Director


The Rivals

"Sheridan’s witty writing stands the test of time"

The Rivals

"Engaging revival of Sheridan’s comedy of manners"

The Rivals

"As uproariously funny today as it was in 1775"

The Rivals

"A colourful, rollicking staging"

The Rivals

"Definitely a must see."

The Rivals

"Fun in spades: it rollicks along, with its tongue always fully in cheek"

The Rivals

"Leading comic performances that will remain long in the memory"

The Rivals

"A marvellous comedy, full of laughs and love"

The Rivals

"Frenetic and none too subtle"

The Rivals :: Rehearsal Diary

"We want the production to reflect something of the swaggering, rough, exuberant, sexy feel of the world in which the play is set"

Ed Madden, Assistant Director

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