The Norman Conquests

Fri 25 May to Sat 23 Jun 2012



Oliver Birch - Reg

Oliver Birch


Philip Cumbus - Norman

Philip Cumbus


Tom Davey - Tom

Tom Davey


Laura Howard - Annie

Laura Howard


Emily Pithon - Ruth

Emily Pithon


Sarah Tansey - Sarah

Sarah Tansey



The Norman Conquests

"Norman’ is nearly forty years old but he is still going strong and continuing to conquer audiences with some joyous nights (and days) out"
"this is a case of ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ so you should try to see them all!"
What's On Stage

The Norman Conquests

“On the strength of Round and Round the Garden this reviewer was definitely left wanting more”
“a unique opportunity for theatregoers”
Made Up: On Stage in Liverpool

The Norman Conquests

"the action has a cumulative effect; characters who initially appear to be cut from standard, 1970s-sitcom templates develop until they acquire an almost Chekhovian wistfulness"
"Matthew Wright's revolving set keeps things spinning along nicely, offering tantalising glimpses of the other plays"
The Guardian