The Hudsucker Proxy

Fri 5 Jun to Sat 27 Jun 2015

£12 - £25*


Rob Castell - Smitty

Rob Castell


Nick Cavaliere - Hudsucker / The Chief

Nick Cavaliere

Hudsucker / The Chief

Simon Dormandy - Mussburger

Simon Dormandy


Tamzin Griffin - Miss Turner / Za-Za

Tamzin Griffin

Miss Turner / Za-Za

Tim Lewis - Buzz

Tim Lewis


Sinead Matthews - Amy Archer

Sinead Matthews

Amy Archer

Joseph Timms - Norville Barnes

Joseph Timms

Norville Barnes

David Webber - Moses

David Webber



Adaptor / Co-Director Simon Dormandy

Co-Director Toby Sedgwick

Assistant Director Anthony Lau

Designer Dick Bird

Sound Designer Gareth Fry

Lighting Designer Paul Keogan

Assistant Lighting Designer Sarah McColgan

Casting Director Anna Cooper


The Hudsucker Proxy

"This brilliantly designed adaptation highlights the Coens’ debt to 1920s American theatre"
The Guardian

The Hudsucker Proxy

"One of the snappiest and most dynamic shows I’ve seen in a long time."
Portsmouth News

The Hudsucker Proxy

"Joseph Timms was splendid... and Sinead Matthews brilliant"
The Southampton Echo

The Hudsucker Proxy

"A sweet-hearted screwball comedy"

The Sunday Times

The Hudsucker Proxy

"A definite must see"
The Edge

The Hudsucker Proxy

"Charming and clever, engaging and entertaining throughout. Well worth going to see."
Downstage Centre

The Hudsucker Proxy

“Big-hearted, feel-good fun”
Northern Soul

The Hudsucker Proxy

“Fun physical sequences”
The Stage

The Hudsucker Proxy

"As slick as any multi-million dollar blockbuster you are every likely to see"
Purple Revolver

The Hudsucker Proxy

"First class exuberant entertainment."

The Hudsucker Proxy

“A consistent visual delight”
Merseysider Magazine

The Hudsucker Proxy

“An inventive, charming slice of dark whimsy”
Liverpool ECHO

The Hudsucker Proxy

"Looks a million dollars"
The Times