The Conquest of the South Pole

Fri 24 Mar to Sat 8 Apr 2017


£30 - £10

It’s the dare of it all

A gang of friends stand on the precipice, a band of hopeless dreamers the world has left behind. But they’re doing this their way, shoulders back, heads held high, looking out across the wasteland and refusing to fail. They’re going to conquer the South Pole, right there amongst the laundry and the pigeons in the attic.

Written in 1984 in East Berlin, with revolution in the air, Manfred Karge’s play is a wildly anarchic journey into the imagination.

Part of the Everyman Company 2017 season

© 1988 Manfred Karge; English language translation Tinch Minter and Anthony Vivis. All rights reserved.

The Everyman Company 2017 season: Fiddler on the Roof, The Conquest of the South PoleThe Story GiantThe Sum and Romeo & Juliet


The Company Patrick Brennan, George Caple, Laura Dos Santos, Emily Hughes, Dean Nolan, Zelina Rebeiro, Keddy Sutton, Liam Tobin

Writer Manfred Karge

Translators Tinch Minter & Anthony Vivis

Director Nick Bagnall

Composer James Fortune

Company Season Designers Molly Elizabeth Lacey Davies, Jocelyn Meall & Michael Vale

Company Season Lighting Designer Aideen Malone

Company Season Sound Designer Fergus O’Hare

Movement Director Tom Jackson Greaves

Production Dramaturg Craig Gilbert

Fight Director Kev McCurdy

Associate Director Chris Tomlinson

Associate Lighting Designer Kay Haynes

YEP Assistant Director Jack Cooper

Company Season Casting Director Sam Stevenson


The Conquest of the South Pole

"Brilliantly-acted, thought-provoking theatre"

The Conquest of the South Pole

"It's to be admired"
"A breathless and amusing turn from Dean Nolan"

The Conquest of the South Pole

"It’s impossible not to be moved by these dreamers"

The Conquest of the South Pole // reviews

"It’s impossible not to be moved by these dreamers"
The Guardian

"Brilliantly-acted, thought-provoking theatre”
Good News Liverpool

“A great production with a lot of heart”
North West End

“A vivid revival of Manfred Karge’s surreal and anarchic exploration of despair”
The Stage

“Determinably different”
The Reviews Hub

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