New Music For Old Machines

Thu 16 Nov 2017



Bold new sonics and unique re-appropriations

Benjamin D. Duvall of critically acclaimed experimental trio Ex-Easter Island Head presents new experimental music in the bistro. New Music for Old Machines is a meeting point between self-taught idiosyncrasy, formal training and genre-blurring conceptual approaches to sound and performance. With visual contributions and staging from like-minded visual artists, the aim is to transform the Bistro into an immersive space for creative exploration.

The radio, the reel to reel tape recorder, minidisc, cassette. Obscure digital and degraded analogue technologies. The near-antiques of electrically amplified strings and the ancient mechanics of the horsehair bow abstracted into intriguing new forms through extended techniques.

New electronic works for analogue machinery from Napalm Death co-founder Nicholas Bullen; Eerie experimental songcraft and idiosyncratic atmospheres from London voice and double bass duo Sealionwoman; Music for prepared fender rhodes, tape machines, electronics and motors from composers Michael Cutting and Vitalija Glovackyte under their Kinder Meccano moniker.

Legendary percussionist, composer and improviser Charles Hayward (This Heat, Camberwell Now) and double-drumming minimalists Rattle deconstructing the modern drum-set, and Ex-Easter Island Head appearing in solo mode with a mesmeric new work for AM radios and prepared guitars.

Thursday 21 September Nicholas Bullen + Kinder Meccano
Thursday 16 November Charles Hayward + Rattle