Liverpool Comedy Festival 2017

Thu 28 Sep to Fri 29 Sep 2017


Samuel Serrano: Schadenfreude - An Invitation To Laugh At My Pain

Thu 28 Sep // 8pm
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Samuel Serrano invites you to laugh at his pain. He will tell the story of the worst night of his life while stopping off to play parody songs and read progressive fairy tales. As well as tackling homophobia, islamaphobia and his learning difficulties. Supporting Acts: Danny Cali and Emily Campbell. Please note this performance will be filmed for YouTube.


Maisie Adam: Living On The Edge

Fri 29 Sep // 8pm  Get tickets £5
"Living on the Edge" is the new show from comedian Maisie Adam. Having previewed to a sold-out crowd at the 2016 Ilkley Fringe and currently touring the UK comedy circuit, the show's eclectic mix of anecdotal and observational material along with Maisie’s self-deprecating charm has quickly won her praise across the country. Taken from personal experiences of being a young Yorkshire lass attempting to "adult" in the big wide world, "Living on the Edge" explores various topics including the classic faux-pas of a Brit abroad, the politics of the playground and the fascinating spectacle that is Theresa May's body posture.


Kerry Leigh, Mandy Tootill, MC Cash Boyle: Twin Peaks & Gathering Momentum

Sat 30 Sep // 8pm
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Mandy is an idiot. In fact she's a right nob, but she's hilarious and loveable so that makes it OK. When faced with her own mortality, how does she cope? She laughs so hard her tits fall off! Kerry has had a word with herself and she has agreed to give less of a f**k about, well, everything! Now she is finally gathering momentum. Come and join her before she gets head of herself. Laughter Locker's Cash Boyle as MC, holding the night together like really good duck tape.