It's Time

Fri 16 Mar to Sat 17 Mar 2018



A sharing of ideas from women with various backgrounds.
These are their words, these are their voices.

Inspired by the Times Up movement, It’s Time is a community theatre piece about how women feel constantly threatened by time.

Whether it’s the biological clock, work ambitions or the expectations of day to day living as wives, employees and mothers… Time is used to shape this piece as a dramatic tool in representing the plight women must deal with.

Second year YEP Director show


4Wings was initially set up to work with survivors of domestic abuse but subsequently became more aware of a specific group of people (asylum seeker & refugee women) who experienced abuse or other trauma, but in addition suffered multiple layers of inequality that further marginalised them.


Cast Anna Bellan, Ciiku Sondergaard, Dalina Suli, Jasmine Smart, Lucia Acosta, Kathrin Friedrich & Gregana Ganeva

YEP Director Charlotte McRae

YEP Producer Alex Stringer