Deaf School

Fri 21 Sep to Sat 22 Sep 2018


One of the most influential bands in Liverpool’s musical history, Deaf School, return to Hope Street 45years after the band formed.

In an Everyman transformed with cabaret style stage seating, the band take to the new Everyman stage for the first time to perform new material from their 2017 album Let’s Do This Again Next Week plus old favourites including the legendary What a Way to End it All.

Formed at Liverpool College of Art in 1973, Deaf School won the Melody Maker competition in 1975, recorded three albums for Warner Brothers, three John Peel sessions and toured extensively in the UK and America until disbanding in 1978. Since reforming in the 2000’s the band have proved what a great live act they still are.  

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Deaf School

“In the whole history of Liverpool music, two bands matter most: one is The Beatles and the other is Deaf School. Their impact on the City is with us to this day”