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Zelina Rebeiro biography

Miner / Pete / Elisa / Suzanne, Paint Your Wagon
Pete / Police / Prisoner / Ensemble, A Clockwork Orange
Sylvie / Maureen / Anitra / Ensemble, The Big I Am

Zelina trained at The Oxford School of Drama.

Previous work for Everyman & Playhouse: Fiddler on the Roof, The Conquest of the South Pole, The Sum and Romeo & Juliet (Everyman Company 2017 season).

Theatre credits include: Rapunzel (Dancing Brick Theatre / Cambridge Junction); A Christmas Carol (Box Clever Theatre); Othello (Time Zone Theatre); Veils and Lulu7 (So and So Arts); Muscovado (Burnt Out Theatre); Life on a Plum (Drywhite); Gibralter and El Grito del Bronx (Chaskis Theatre).

TV and Film credits include: Salvatore (Ravensbourne); White Orchid Hotel (London Film School) and Anniversary Waltz (Aston Productions).

Radio credits include: Gate Zero (Rob Kerr).

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