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Knowsley Adult Disability Services // Unsung heroes

Unsung Heroes exhibition in the Everyman theatre bar
Unsung Heroes exhibition in the Everyman theatre bar

We worked with Knowsley Adult Disability Services over numerous creative sessions to create a special exhibition for display in the Everyman theatre bar. The project included the centres based across Knowsley (including Huyton, Stockbridge Village, Halewood and Kirkby) choosing someone from their local community deemed to be an Unsung hero.

Taking inspiration from poetry, 62 adults participated in the project alongside local artist Mike Badger, who encouraged them to use recycled materials in their art pieces. The groups have also worked with artists from Draw and Code to create a bespoke augmented reality app which will bring the artwork in the exhibition to life.

Demonstrating the Draw and Code app
Demonstrating the Draw and Code augmented reality app @DrawAndCode

For more information about our work in the community, please email [email protected].