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The Wedding reviews

Fionn Cox-Davies in The Wedding [Gecko]. Photograph by Richard Haughton
Fionn Cox-Davies in The Wedding [Gecko]. Photograph by Richard Haughton

“There’s a terrific ensemble at work in a show that bursts with the joy of union”
The Guardian

“The talents of the international Gecko dance ensemble are awe-inspiring.”
“The theatrical results are mind-blowingly good.”
Nottingham Post

“The power of emotions flowing around the room made me want to both weep and laugh.”
“It is an incredibly beautiful production that ticks all the boxes.”
Intermission Bristol

Katie Lusby in The Wedding [Gecko]. Photograph by Rich Rusk
Katie Lusby in The Wedding [Gecko]. Photograph by Rich Rusk

“Heart pounding drama… get ready to be blown away”
The Reviews Hub

"The Wedding, then, is about wanting to run from your own party – but it’s also about the people who didn’t get an invite in the first place."
Exeunt Magazine

★★★★ 1/2 
"A powerful provocation and brings together the philosophical and the political masterfully"
“Searching and hopeful”
The Reviews Hub


The Wedding [Gecko]. Photograph by Richard Haughton
The Wedding [Gecko]. Photograph by Richard Haughton

“A visual feast”
Theatre Bubble

“Spellbinding music, mesmerising dance moves and narratives in languages from all over the world, make it a truly entertaining and thought-provoking experience”
Mancunian Matters

“Offers its own remarkable, mesmerising take on the world we live in, full of horror and hope, fortitude and fear, love and lamentation and is an amazing achievement”

"The company have re-kindled feelings of hope and the belief that together we can change the world."
Anita MacCullum, Weston-super-Mum

“it is the endearing and distressing narrative of refugees struggling to find a place of acceptance that truly makes this production great.”
“It’s a stunning portrayal of an immigrant’s story and has both myself and my friend in tears. After the show, one woman aptly describes this narrative as ‘a call to arms’.”

“A spontaneous standing ovation was well deserved. On a cold, February, Thursday night ovations have to be earned, and well-earned it was.”
Behind the Arras

Fionn Cox-Davies in The Wedding [Gecko]. Photograph by Richard Haughton
Fionn Cox-Davies in The Wedding [Gecko]. Photograph by Richard Haughton

Audience quotes

"@GeckoTheatre's #TheWedding is absolutely sensational. A must-watch. Walked in to watch a play. Left feeling ready to change the world.”

“#TheWedding by @GeckoTheatre was absolutely amazing! So glad people are making such raw, powerful theatre.”

“Fantastic show! All the contracts we knowingly and unknowingly walk into a rarely call into question (but should). Thanks for asking those questions.”

“@GeckoTheatre blew it out the water, fantastic show, completely enraptured”

“Over an hour later and i still cannot get over how transcendent and utterly beautiful @GeckoTheatre The Wedding was.”

“#thewedding @LighthousePoole fabulous, energetic, funny - complete absorption into a dreamlike fantasy world created by @GeckoTheatre.”

“@GeckoTheatre absolutely phenomenal show tonight. Topical. Educational. A timeless message. Humanity. Allow people to be people.”

“@LighthousePoole @GeckoTheatre The Wedding: your work is always so thought-provoking & physically powerful. Thank you! @CarterCS_Poole”

“Mesmerised by The Wedding by @GeckoTheatre. Such beauty in the movement.”

“Absolutely incredible, what a power piece of theatre underlining various political and cultural issues around the world!”

“OH. MY. GOD. @GeckoTheatre's #TheWedding is something incredible. Bewildering, confusing, soul roaring & joyful. Truly amazing work.”

The Wedding is at the Playhouse, Wed 21 Feb to Sat 24 Feb