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Exploring The Little Matchgirl

The cast and creative team behind The Little Matchgirl explore the "exquisite" (Daily Telegraph) production, which is coming to the Playhouse this year.
The Jungle Book // reviews

“Fresh, ambitious and inventive”
The Times

“Fresh and fun”
“Big show entertainment”
“This scores as a good family night out”
Nene Quirer

“The show is fantastic, a show of true friendship between species. The ending is heart-warming, and I must admit my eyes almost started to leak with happiness.”

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The Wedding // reviews

“There’s a terrific ensemble at work in a show that bursts with the joy of union”
The Guardian

“Heart pounding drama… get ready to be blown away”
The Reviews Hub

“A visual feast”
Theatre Bubble

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Teaser #1

The Wedding

Teaser #2

The Wedding
Gecko's The Wedding // Director’s note

Inspiration for creating work is all around us.

It’s in our personal lives, in the news, politics, and in the relationships that we have with our friends, families and colleagues. By delving further into these relationships, I was struck by a sense that we are all married, bound by the many contracts of modern life. The Wedding is inspired by these complexities of human nature: the struggle between love and anger, creation and destruction, community and isolation. For this show we have created a dystopian world in which every one of us is a bride, wedded to society. But what are the terms of this relationship? And can we consider a divorce?

Amit Lahav, Director of The Wedding and Artistic Director of Gecko


Teaser #3

The Wedding


A Pacifist's Guide to the War on Cancer