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Paul Duckworth biography

Salem / Fandango / Bill, Paint Your Wagon
Brabantio / Clown / Montano, Othello
Dad / Geezer / American Businessman / Elvis / Ensemble,  The Big I Am

Previous work for Everyman & Playhouse: Bright Phoenix, The May Queen, Unprotected, Urban Legend and Twelfth Night (Everyman).

Theatre credits include: Lonesome West, Scouse Nativity, Brick up the Mersey Tunnels, Down the Dock Road, Father O’Flaherty, Mam! I’m ‘Ere, Reds and Blues The Ballard of Dixie and Kenny, The Little Scouse on the Prairie, Scouse Pacific, Slappers and Slapheads (Royal Court Liverpool); Snow White (Trio Entertainment); Hot Stuff (Oldham Coliseum); Dreaming of a Barry White Christmas (Echo Arena); Beating Berlusconi (Turf Love); Sink or Swim, Backwater, Jason and the Argonauts, Madam I’m Adam, The Man Who Cracked and The True Tales of Baron Munchausen (Spike Theatre Company); Family Business (M6 Theatre Company); The Quiet Little Englishman (ZHO Productions); Microdots (Contact Theatre, Manchester); River Fever, The Pied Piper ,You Are Here and The Man Who Stole a Winter Coat (Unity Theatre, Liverpool); Waiting for Brando, The Corrupted Angel (Unity Theatre / UK Tour) and The Golden Boy (Unity / Everyman / UK Tour).

TV credits include: Mobile (Granada); The Courtroom (Lime pictures); Brookside (Mersey Television) and 4 O’Clock Club (CBBC).

Film credits include: I’ve Got a Bad Feeling about This (Hap Hazard productions); Backbeat; Saturday and Hollyoaks.

Radio credits include: Tin Man (BBC Radio 4).

Audio credits include: Voyage of Slaves, Outcast of Redwall and The Long Patrol.

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