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Paint Your Wagon rehearsal video

We caught up with The Company during rehearsals for Paint Your Wagon to find out a bit more about the show and what they've been up to...

Gemma: It is great fun. The music itself is so of its time, suggests the Wild West and kind of makes you smile. We’re all falling in love with it more and more and more.

Patrick: This group of gold panners go off in search of gold in the Californian hills. The big story within this is that they tend to be men. I’m one of the only characters who has a daughter. My daughter is at a point where she is becoming a woman. She’s having feelings and she’s also stirring up feelings in the miners.

Marc: I’m playing Julio who is a Mexican guy who stumbles into…

Emily: Me! I play Jennifer Rumson who is the daughter of Ben Rumson. And

Marc: And our two loners end up meeting and loving each other. And then they’re separated…

Emily: And then they’re separated.

Marc: And do they get back together or not?

Emily: Do they?

Emily: Getting to know it more and more as the weeks have gone on we’ve found so much in it.

Gemma: We’ve got the most delightful group of people and it’s a real joy for me working with Tom & George again. Music, acting and choreography are kind of inseparable now between the three of us.

Tom: I would say this show is almost 50% danced which is kind of insane for a company of non-dancers but I think we’re telling some really exciting stories and we’re doing some really exciting imagery with movement.

Gemma: So I think the audience are in for a great fun night but, that said, there are some very beautiful and tender moments in it.

Tom: I’m a bit inspired by old school musical movies for this one as well. So we’re doing quite a lot of dream work because it’s that sort of show. The fun and playfulness in it is great.

Paint Your Wagon is at the Everyman, Sat 3 Mar to Sat 14 Jul 2018