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Nadia Anim biography

Joe / Yvonne, Paint Your Wagon
Marty / Prisoner / Police / Choir / Ensemble, A Clockwork Orange
Helen / Feral Boy / Woman in Neck Brace / Assistant / Ensemble, The Big I Am

Nadia is a graduate of the Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP) YEP Actors programme. Her first performance on the new Everyman stage was The Grid. She has been a part of YEP since 2013.

Previous work for Everyman & Playhouse: Fiddler on the Roof and Romeo & Juliet (Everyman Company 2017 season); The Grid, Until They Kick Us Out, The Bacchae, The Environmentalists, The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning and The Establishment (YEP).

Theatre credits include: Ricky Tomlinson's Royle Variety (Empire Theatre, Liverpool).

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