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Kay Haynes

The Everyman Company 2018
The Everyman Company 2018

Kay Haynes
Lighting Designer, Paint Your Wagon, A Clockwork Orange, Othello, The Big I Am

Kay is the Head of Lighting for the Everyman & Playhouse. She is also a Company Member and Resident Lighting Designer for Theatr Pena in Cardiff.

Previous work for Everyman & Playhouse:


Previous work for Everyman & Playhouse: As Lighting Designer, The Story Giant and Romeo & Juliet (Everyman Company 2017) and Cartoonopolis (Playhouse Studio). As Associate Lighting Designer, Fiddler on the Roof, The Conquest of the South Pole and The Sum (Everyman Company 2017 season).

Theatre credits include: Woman of Flowers, The Glass Menagerie, The Royal Bed, The Maids, The Trojan Women and The House of Bernarda Alba (Theatr Pena); Days of Wine and Roses (Elysium Theatre Company, Durham); The Family Way (Octagon Theatre, Bolton); The Mermaid in the Gherkin Jar (Northern Rose Theatre); Brilliant Adventures, Three Birds, Black Roses, My Young and Foolish Heart, Cracks in my skin, Strawgirl, The Adoption Papers, Single Sex, Galka Motalka, and The Baby and Flypie (Royal Exchange, Manchester); The Trojan Women and Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass (Manchester School of Theatre Capitol Theatre); Unity 1918, Art of Success, Behind the Scenes of the Museum, Dona Rosita, Blood Wedding and The Suicide (Manchester School of Theatre HOME); Project XXX (Laid Bare Theatre); Pages from My Songbook (The Alligator Club); Epstein – The Man Who Made the Beatles (Epstein Theatre); Mother F (Articulate Elbow) and Spinach (Waters Productions).

Other credits include: Exhibition - Pub, Making an Exhibition of Ourselves (Royal Exchange, Manchester); Music - Beyond the Score – Dvorak, Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra and The Last Train Of Tomorrow (Halle Orchestra Bridgewater Hall) and Seven Deadly Sins (Feelgood Theatre and Halle Orchestra Bridgewater Hall).

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