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Bido Lito! A Clockwork Social

To put all you droogs in the mood for A Clockwork Orange at the Everyman, we’ve put our gullivers together with the pink pages of Bido Lito! for night of moloko and Ludwig Van (plus guests) for A Clockwork Social in the Everyman Bistro.

Expect a real horrorshow nochy, with sets from Liverpool  bands Eyesore & the Jinx and Cartwheels on Glass, plus pop-disc spinning from Howard Be Thy Name, and some special cocktails made from the old moloko plus.

[Book now]

Tickets are £4  in advance // £5 OTD // Free to Bido Lito members

Please note: Audience members with tickets for A Clockwork Orange on Thursday 19 April (5.30pm) can purchase their entry to A Clockwork Social on the door for half price.

Tell your friends your coming by attending the Bido Lito! Facebook event