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Baskerville cast announced

The Baskerville cast at the Playhouse
The Baskerville cast at the Playhouse

The legendary Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson will be played by Jay Taylor and Patrick Robinson in the UK premiere of playwright Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery.

Jay Taylor will play the charismatic and cunning Sherlock Holmes on his search for the hideous Baskerville beast, whose legend has haunted Baskerville Hall for years. Taylor joins the cast following a run on the West End and has featured in TV series Misfits, Holby City and most recently the ITV drama Prime Suspect 1973.

Holmes is joined by his associate and compelling narrator Dr Watson, played by Patrick Robinson. A former actor for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Robinson is known for his long-standing role as Dr Martin ‘Ash’ Ashford in Casualty and for reaching the semi-finals of Strictly Come Dancing 2013. He has previously appeared at the Playhouse in Rough Crossings (2007).

Joining Taylor and Robinson to play a host of different characters are Bessie Carter, Ryan Pope and LIPA graduate Edward Harrison, who appeared at the Playhouse in Sex and the Three Day Week (2014). The trio bring 35 vivid characters to life including the unwitting victim Sir Charles Baskerville, his close friend Dr Mortimer and Holmes’ loyal landlady Mrs Hudson.

After the rich landowner Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead, Holmes and Watson are quick onto the trail of a legendary hound that lives on the moors of Dartmoor, in a race against time to save the next heir to Baskerville Hall.

Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery is at the Playhouse, Sat 9 Dec to Sat 13 Jan 2017

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