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A Passage to India // Backchat

A Passage to India, at the Playhouse, Tue 6 Feb to Sat 10 Feb
A Passage to India, at the Playhouse, Tue 6 Feb to Sat 10 Feb

E. M. Forster’s masterpiece poses a question more urgent today than ever: how can we love one another in a world divided by culture and belief? Full of humour and rich humanity A Passage to India is one of the great novels of the Twentieth Century.

A relaxed discussion with members of the cast immediately after the performance. This is tailored for young people, where every question is valued and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

When? Wednesday 7 February, following the 5.30pm performance
Where? Playhouse
How much? Free, with a ticket for A Passage to India

For more information about the Learning Programme, please contact our Learning Manager, via email [email protected] or call 0151 706 9111.

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