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A Clockwork Orange // Workshop

A Clockwork Orange [Everyman Company], Sat 14 Apr to Thu 12 Jul.
A Clockwork Orange [Everyman Company], Sat 14 Apr to Thu 12 Jul.

In his notorious novel of teen culture gone bad, Anthony Burgess unleashed amoral Alex on the world. In his own stage adaptation, A Clockwork Orange comes dangerously to life, slicing open society with a steely poetic edge and taking a good hard look deep inside.

The world of A Clockwork Orange
A practical workshop on the key ideas in the play and the rehearsal process leading up to the performance.

When? Anytime from January 2018
Where? At your school or college
Who for? Drama students (aged 16+)
How much? £150 (or £75 in conjunction with a booking for A Clockwork Orange)

A large space suitable for practical work will be required. Please allow two hours for the session.

For more information about this project, please contact our Learning Manager, via email [email protected] or call 0151 706 9111.

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