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George's Marvellous Medicine reviews

"An outstanding adaptation of Roald Dahl's anarchic children's classic."
"So glorious that you really don't want it to end."
The Stage

"Preston Nyman plays George with heart-warming affableness."
"A blast of fresh air."
"It's loads of fun down on this farm."
"The set is pure Dahl, designed by Morgan Large, and it us a joy to look at."
The Times

Lisa Howard (Grandma) and Justin Wilman (George's Dad).  Photograph by Manuel Harlan.
Lisa Howard (Grandma) and Justin Wilman (George's Dad). Photograph by Manuel Harlan.

"A typically Dahl-ish blend of comedy, malice and theatrical vitality."
"A marvellous concoction."
Mail on Sunday

"One hilarioys, simply marvellous theatrical tonic and an utter Dahl-ing of a family show."
"This show will have you shooting through the roof with laughter and eagerly joining in."
"The show bursts with inventive songs and music by Tasha Taylor-Johnson."
"Chandi Mistry makes a delightfully crackers Chicken."
East Midlands Theatre

"Preston Nyman immediatley endears and engages as George."
"Lisa Howard is great fun as brusque, Northern Joan Collins-esque Grandma."
British Theatre Guide

Preston Nyman (George). Photograph by Manuel Harlan.
Preston Nyman (George). Photograph by Manuel Harlan.

"George's Marvellous Medicine appeals to the wacky inventor in us all."
"Julia Thomas' production relishes in imagination, mess and magic."
"Morgan Large's design is delightfully mad-cap with its topsy-turvy furniture and weird and wonderful contraptions."
"A deliciciously juvenile concoction of hocus-pocus, tricks and treats, and heartfelt family bonding."
Not Exactly Billington

"A show for the entire family to enjoy."
"The cast is a real treat of extravagance and animation."
"Lisa Howard is superb as the evil Grandma."
"Composer Tasha Taylor-Johnson gave the soundtrach to the production a really funky, upbeat feel that complimented the piece perfectly."
Carpe Diem Emmie (blog)

"90 minutes of sheer escapism."
"Typical Dahl, gross, funny, rebellious and ideal fodder for children from 4 to 104."
Western Park Gazette

George's Marvellous Medicine is at the Playhouse, Tue 17 Apr to Sat 21 Apr.