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Exploring The Little Matchgirl

Edie Edmundson (Puppeteer/ The Little Matchgirl): The Little Matchgirl is basically the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale

Kezrena James (Thumelina/Field Mouse/ Princess): Which follows a little girl who's homeless and you kind of see how she lives rough on the streets but she has a box of matches and every time she lights a match

Karl Queensborough (Toad/Beetle/Swallow/ Soldier): When the flame comes on there's a character called Ole Shuteye who appears

Alex Heane (Musician): To tell her a story to keep her warm through the winters nights so tell three different stories as well

Kezrena James (Thumelina/Field Mouse/ Princess): To kind of her escape after the bleakness of the reality that she lives in

Alex Heane (Musician): The combination of the music and the actors in the way that they're so intertwined is a really special thing

Ian Ross (Musical Director): The special thing about the music is the composer Stephen Warbeck whose got a lovely musical harmonic palette which he draws from

Karl Queensborough (Toad/Beetle/Swallow/ Soldier): The choreography that we've got is very interesting it's very comical it's also there's a lots of beautiful movement in it as well so I think people will be really surprised by the movement aspects of the show, definitely

Ian Ross (Musical Director): There's always something happening in this incredible performance. The set and the costume is utterly beautiful, you'll have a great night out and it'll get you thinking when you leave

The Little Matchgirl (and Other Happier Tales) is at the Playhouse, Tue 13 Mar to Sat 17 Mar 2018.