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Creating The Little Matchgirl

Vicki Mortimer (Designer): It's a sort of combination of the
nostalgic Edwardian playfulness and a theatrical magic.

Sarah Wright (Puppet Director): As a puppet The Little Matchgirl works within the worlds that Vicki has created design wise and also interacts with the actors as a real child.

Edie Edmundson (Puppeteer): The tree is to do with my gaze and making sure that the puppet is always alive throughout the show.

Vicki Mortimer (Designer): We were creating a sort of European 2017 Street aesthetic for her world. 

Andy Scrivens (Master Carpenter):  The designer
will then produce one to twenty five scale wobble and a set of drawings which we'll take and then reproduce what she's designed at 25 times larger.

Ian Penny (Workshop Coordinator): It started off with making tracks which is what everything is sitting on over the wheels. Once you have them in position then we created a flooring for it so to get that effect of outside and inside.

Andy Scrivens (Master Carpenter):  The main element that I've enjoyed is the large scaffolding structure which pivots around on what we call a track which is basically wheels which is like playing with giant McCarney.

Vicki Mortimer (Designer): One of the things I love about this way of telling the stories is that you get a true understanding of what it might be like to be their little girl and vulnerable
in that way.

Sarah Wright (Puppet Director): Everyone should come by watch The Little Matchgirl. I think it's a wonderful, uplifting but also very real and very touching story to be watching this Christmas.

The Little Matchgirl (and Other Happier Tales) is at the Playhouse, Tue 13 Mar to Sat 17 Mar 2018.