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Man to Man // Maggie Bain on preparing for the role

How did I prepare for the role? A lot of training. I was quite strong and I kind of owe that in part to Scott Graham because I worked with Frantic Assembly in 2012 on their production of Beautiful Burnout. I was pretty fit before that, I had done a lot of weight training. I had done a little bit of boxing and I had also done a lot of Marshall Arts.

We decided that yoga would be a really good skill to kind of develop. So, there was a whole month of yoga training alongside weight training and boxing training that I do normally. I've been able to focus much more on certain muscles that I know needed to be strengthened. For example, when we were doing the show at the Millennium Centre, we've got this massive steel frame bed which is really, really heavy and in the show I damaged my rotator cuff. But a little bit of physio and a lot of resistance exercises on that, lots of training, lots of the Swiss ball, slams and things like that just to keep that moving and strengthen it.

I've had to work hard to get to performance level fitness but my level before that was decent I think. On Beautiful Burnout we used to shout at each other and get each other through so this time I've had to be incredibly disciplined because this show is incredibly physical. I'm really, really looking forward to it.

Man to Man is at the Everyman, Wednesday 25 October to Saturday 28 October