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Company Chronicles

12. Our Romeo & Julius (George & Elliott) let us know the latest from the R&J rehearsal room!

11. Keddy and Liam talk us through more of what to expect from The Sum!

9. We caught up with Laura and Emily about what to expect from the fourth Ev Company show, The Sum.

8. We caught up with Melanie and Richard a few weeks about The Story Giant rehearsals, spending all day in your PJ's and Richard's giant-ness!

7. Elliott, Tom & Asha tell us about rehearsals, Harry Potter, Corrie and the Sugababes.

6. Patrick and Keddy tell us about their Conquest characters Rudy & Rosie, Keddy's dreams coming true and matrix-style leather coats.

5. Emily and George join us to tell us all about their week rehearsing The #Conquest of the South Pole, developing their characters and how Patrick turns bad.

4. Keddy and Liam join us this week and talk about tales from the rehearsal rooms, meeting with the band for the first time and how to sing, dance and make tea at the same time.

3. George and Zelina tell us about their week of more dancing, George + fire and challenging your inner Beyoncé.

2. Dean and Pauline tell us about their week of new relationships, being triple threats and all things Fiddler.

1. Melanie and Patrick tell us about their week of singing, dancing and meeting the 15th member of the company: the Fiddler cart.