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Gabriel // Behind the scenes with Jules Melvin as Mrs Lake

Good morning, my name is Jules, I play Mrs Lake in Gabriel.

We thought this morning that we'd show you around my kitchen in our rehearsal room. So, if you come this way I can show you all the different things that we've got going on here.

This is part of my kitchen. And these lovely props have been made by Tom. All in period. As you can see we've got some Spam, which was very popular. At one point in the play, one of our characters makes a sandwich made out of Spam. 

Also, it's very important that the audience actually see all the different black market stuff that Mrs Lake has got going on. Because my character does a lot of trading on the black market. 

So, if you come over here you can see the Spam ready to be made into sandwiches. And our lovely period bread bin. Knives and forks.

This is quite interesting in that at one point I have to crack an egg in order for somebody else to down it in a drink. But I have to cheat that a little bit because we don't want our actress eating a raw egg. So what I do is I crack the egg and hopefully when I turn around I've then switched it into this mug which just has milk in it. That's a little trade secret we've got going on there.

And then if you come further over here, we've got my cooker which is an arger and I also have to make - I've got quite a lot of props stuff going on in this particular show. 

I've got to make tea at one point so we've been sorting out with stage management about how we get the tea to look like tea. We don't want any hot water on the stage so it's got cold water in it. We have to consider when it's drunk that it it's got no tea leaves in it. But obviously in 1942, we wouldn't have had tea bags.

So, all of those kinds of things have to be considered. So, I'm very lucky that I've got a fantastic kitchen to work in. And I'm very grateful to the stage management for that.

Gabriel is at the Playhouse, Tue 4 Apr to Sat 8 Apr.