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5 minutes with Neal Dawson

Neal's travertine magnets (£3) & coasters (£6), available at the Everyman Box Office
Neal's travertine magnets (£3) & coasters (£6), available at the Everyman Box Office

We love working alongside local talent, which is why we've expanded our gift shop to include keep-sakes and souvenirs by local artists that can remind people of their visit to us and the city. We caught up with Neal Dawson of N. A. D Photography, one of our original suppliers, to find out more about his coasters and magnets, available at the Everyman Box Office...

How did you get into photography? What does it mean to you?
Originally photography supported my painting but gradually it took over as I found I could create an image with a camera that I couldn't paint. It escalated from there. I was unwilling to abandon painting - that's why I utilise different materials for the photography.

How did the magnets and coasters come about?
I've been making them for about three years. I originally set out to try and create an image on an alternative surface that mixed textures and colour. Influenced by cave paintings that used the shape, tone and texture of the surface I came across travertine. It worked perfectly with the architectural images id been taking and they found a home as coasters and it snowballed from there. 

Most of your pictures are of buildings in Liverpool. Do you have a close connection with the city?
I am from here originally but grew up away from the city. When I moved here after art school I had an appreciation for all the great things in the city that I felt I’d missed out on so I spent a lot of time exploring every street & I'm still doing that. 

Is there other photography that you enjoy? Who inspires you?
I enjoy looking at documentary photographers like William Egleston & also historical photography. Most inspiration comes from music & film especially traveling whilst listening to music, and any form of transport as long as I'm moving. 

Which events can we see you at regularly?
I'll be at the Wirral Beer Festival & hopefully the Summer & Winter Arts Markets which are all great events. I also collaborate with my friends at One Art Liverpool regularly.

Neal Dawson
Neal Dawson

You can buy Neal's magnets and coasters at the Everyman gift shop (near Box Office). Find out more about his work

Words: Leah Abbott 

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