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Gabriel // Director Kate McGregor on background & inspiration [3/3]

So this part of the wall is all about the house that we're working in which is a lodge on the hermitage estate. We've kind of invented what this house is, where it is and its situation on this cliff.

We have the lodge here which was drawn by our assistant director, Martin. There's a veg patch here, the hens, a veg patch at the back, the barn, which is really crucial. And then this is the road down to the beach which is where Gabriel is found at the start of the play.

The hermitage is along this road here so it's further back so they can see the lodge from the hermitage and vice versa. And this is what we think the hermitage looks like which comes from the actual archives in Guernsey. It is called the hermitage so, we've kind of tried to plug that into reality there.

And here is our timeline so we start on Thursday 18th February 1943 and we work all the way along. So it gives us a really good idea of when certain events happen in the play just to ground us a little bit. 

Also, very important, is light in the play. So, sunrise, sunset. We've just marked that out as well to help us.

Gabriel is at the Playhouse, Tue 4 Apr to Sat 8 Apr