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Gabriel // Director Kate McGregor on background & inspiration [2/3]

This is the latter part of the wall and this is all about environment so we've got a big map of Guernsey here as you can see. And we've also highlighted were some of the main events happened. This is the St Martin area where the house is. We think it's around here somewhere.

And these are actually maps from the late 1930s about what the area looked like as well so we can cross reference. 

This is where they say that actually lives or comes from. And then up here is the neolithic tombs that she says she's going to visit with Von Pfunz later on. We've just got a bit of an idea of the scale. It's eight miles long this, so it helps us to visualize it.

And here we've got some images that correlate to the map as well. This was my trip that I did to Guersey. So this St Martin's point is really close to where we're saying the house is, so that's really, really useful.

Gabriel is at the Playhouse, Tue 4 Apr to Sat 8 Apr