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Gabriel // Director Kate McGregor on background & inspiration [1/3]

Hello, I'm Kate McGregor and I'm the director of Gabriel and today I'm going to show you a bit around our rehearsal room and our research wall.

When we started rehearsals we wanted to create a bit of an exhibition about Guernsey. A lot of the materials you'll see on the wall here are based or taken from the German Occupation Museum on Guernsey and all sorts of articles online and in books, the British Library and things like that. So, we've collated a lot of them and put them here so we can always have reference to them during rehearsals.

This bit here is all about World War II, about what happened outside of Guernsey during this period that the play is set. It was very much a turning point in the War, February 1943, so we want to see if we can get that impact with the story that we're telling. 

This is all from the German Occupation Museum. One of my favourite bits, there's so many interesting things here. Some of the posters about how people survived on Guernsey. So, "business as usual" even though they were occupied. A lot of confusion over evacuation...

Gabriel is at the Playhouse, Tue 4 Apr to Sat 8 Apr