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My Country; a work in progress in rehearsal

– I voted Brexit!
– Remain.

– Leave.
– I thought it would be on majority.

– 20 million versus 20 million and one.
– Remain.

– "You'd better vote."
– Remain.

– So I did...and I voted Brexit.
– Remain.

(Rufus Norris, Director)
You have to ask the question – what is a national theatre for? I think a national theatre should be a centre for national debate. It felt like the most important thing was to listen, in the first instance.

(Cast singing)
♪ Let the wind blow high Let the wind blow low

♪ Down the street in my kilt I go

♪ All the lassies shout, "Hello! Donald, where's your trousers?"

Rufus Norris (Director)
One thing that definitely emerged was a sense of a large part of the country, 52% of the voters, feeling disempowered.

(Penny Layden, Cast)
We're led, we're taught and we're fed by media and politicians. You're fed black-white headlines. There's an awful lot of grey in there. And human beings need to look to human beings. We can't move forward if we don't look to each other.

My Country; a work in progress is at the Playhouse, Tuesday 11 April to Saturday 15 April.