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Liverpool Jazz Club on The Lowdown

Click the image to watch the video
Click the image to watch the video

"Liverpool Jazz Club started in 2003 and we’ve played in various venues with considerable success. Two years ago we were invited to come and play here at the Everyman, the newly rebuilt Everyman, and that was just an amazing invitation."

"It’s the greatest venue we could possibly have for jazz music."

"I wish it was every Wednesday! That’s a plan, we might get there. At the moment we’re just playing the first Wednesday and the third Wednesday of every month."

"We play the type of jazz that the audience want us to play. And the guests who come and join us for the jam session, the kind of jazz that they want to play. We try and be as inclusive as possible. So Blues, trad jazz, mainstream jazz, swing jazz, bebop, avant-garde jazz… Whatever they want we try to do, we’re very accommodating."

"For me, that’s the ethos behind Liverpool Jazz Club: the jam session. In school holidays, we get 10 year olds here with clarinets because the Everyman doesn’t have an age limit, so there’s no problem with that."

"So, from the very young to the more old they just come here and they join us and we do what we can for them. Whether they’re singing jazz or pop or blues or reggae, whatever!"

Words: Dave Fishel


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