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Fuse: Getting by // music

Keeley Ray in The Environmentalists at the Everyman in 2016. Photograph by Brian Roberts.
Keeley Ray in The Environmentalists at the Everyman in 2016. Photograph by Brian Roberts.

Keeley Ray
Spoken Word and Artist

Keeley is a musician, producer & DJ from Liverpool. She specialises in turning electronic music live and can usually be found remixing current global affairs into songs in an attempt to make light of situations and to create a bit of hope.

"Inspiration for the piece was drawn from nightlife and the underground dance culture. How music is becoming such an important part of the world's evolution. Also it can be seen as a definite release for people - and how the right music can make everything better."


Paul Daly
Paul Daly

Paul Daly
Spoken Word

Paul is a graduating actor from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Recent credits include performances in Cymbeline, Candide and Mary Barton. He is currently in rehearsals for The Trial of Josef K.

"It's amazing to be asked back to perform at Fuse again, I had such a good time at the last one. When responding to the theme of 'getting by' and the stage of life I am at now it was quite natural! I’m about to enter the performance arts world which is pretty much a step into the unknown. I don’t know where I am going to be or what I am going to be doing and so many thoughts and feelings are constantly running through me and it feels like jumping off a cliff. The unknown to me is also an incredibly exciting prospect. It could be anything and that’s the fun of it! So, I tried to harness that feeling and run with it."



Fuse is a festival of multi-medium performance presented by YEP producers. Responding to the theme of 'getting by', 12 emerging artists will create a performance that includes spoken word, music, dance, physical theatre and classical art. See it at the Everyman for £2, Thu 9 Mar & Fri 10 Mar 2017.