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5 minutes with Anita Cunningham

We love working alongside local talent, which is one of the reasons we've expanded our gift shop to include keep-sakes and souvenirs by local artists that can remind people of their visit to us and the city. We caught up with Anita Cunningham of Fat Cat Illustrations to find out more about her cards, available at the Everyman Box Office.

How did you get into illustration?
I've always loved to draw and over the years I have studied on a fair few art courses, finishing in 2009 with a fine art degree from Wirral Met. After my graduation I was undecided as to which direction to go into so I took a few years off from all things art. I then started to get the urge to create again, and after a few false starts I drew an illustrated map of New Brighton. I think the initial idea came to me when I saw a map of New Brighton at the train station and thought it was quite uninspiring so I decided to draw my own in a more colourful upbeat style.

Liverpool print (framed) £20 each by Fat Cat Illustrations
Liverpool print (framed) £20 each by Fat Cat Illustrations

Most of your subject matter is of local places and buildings. What is your connection with the area?
I am Wallasey born and bred so I know the local area well. I have also studied and still work in Liverpool so I am quite familiar with the city centre. I have also spent many hours strolling along the promenade gazing at the Liverpool skyline.

How did you choose the places depicted on the Liverpool prints?
I think besides some of the obvious iconic buildings I wanted to try get a mixture of old and new, and also what I thought would represent Liverpool to a wide range of people. There are so many magnificent buildings in Liverpool it was difficult to choose.

Who inspires you or influences you?
I think it's more what than who. There are artists and illustrators I admire but I get most of my inspiration from things around me. Places I go, books I've read, things I see. I also love local history and Merseyside has a rich fascinating past so I do think that has definitely had some influence over my work.

Which events can we see you at regularly?
For the past couple of years I've only sold my work at Christmas markets but I hoping to do more throughout the year. I usually post on social media if I have anything coming up.

Anita Cunningham
Anita Cunningham
You can buy Anita’s prints and cards at the Everyman gift shop (near Box Office). Find out more about Fat Cat Illustrations on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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