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New works: the open office hour is changing

Open office hour
Open office hour at the Everyman

From February, our open office hour will adopt a brand new format. Rather than booking a 30 minute appointment with the New works team, we’ll be hosting a series of bi-monthly seminars.

The informal seminars aim to provide you, the theatre-makers in our city, with the knowledge and practical support you need to continue practicing your craft. From how to apply for funding to contracting artists and marketing your work.

There’ll always be a member of the New works team available at the event, so don’t hesitate to catch us for a chat.

The first session will take place on Friday 24 February between 3pm & 4pm at the Everyman.

Setting yourself up as a freelancer
With Alison Surtee (BECTU Northern Learning Organiser)

The focus will be on setting yourself up as a freelancer and is suitable for artists and practitioners who are working in theatre. It’s free to attend but, with limited capacity, booking is essential.

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