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The Sum of your life: A day of creativity and discussion for those aged 14+

The Sum - a play with songs by Lizzie Nunnery, at the Everyman Sat 6 May to Sat 20 May
The Sum - a play with songs by Lizzie Nunnery, at the Everyman Sat 6 May to Sat 20 May

Saturday 29 April, between 11am & 3pm
Everyman, ev1

Can we afford the rent this month? How much can I spend on food? Should I eat that larger portion of pasta? If I could just lose another half a stone I’d be happy! How many steps have I taken today? How much time can I spare to help my daughter with her homework? I’ve only spoken to my Mum once this week...

Join us at the Everyman for an action packed day of creativity and discussion, a variety of workshops, exploring the idea that life is dominated by sums, numbers, and calculations. Are we beholden to sums? And if so, what positives can we take from this? How can we take back control and be empowered?

What will I do?
It will be a day of discussion, debate and creativity. All inspired by key themes in The Sum. Not to mention coffee and cake. Lots of it!

At the end of the day, we hope to have created a huge piece of visual art (inspired by ideas and discussion generated on the day) which will be displayed in our foyer, with contributions from all of those who have attended on the day. This will be facilitated by local artist Liz Harry. We will also be joined by members of the Everyman Company who are currently in rehearsal for the production.

But what about my kids?
We will provide activity and entertainment for children (aged 4 and over) to help support your childcare requirements and to make it possible for you to fully engage in the activity. Our capacity for this is limited so please highlight this when booking (note we can only accommodate up to three children per attendee).

For more information about the Learning Programme, please contact our Learning Manager, via email [email protected] or call 0151 706 9111.

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